Government of Rajasthan
Rural Development & Panchayati Raj Department
S.No. News Headding Published News Paper Published Date Dowanload
1. Vehicles to be Run on Biofuel Daily News 22-07-2016
2. Additional income From Jatropha Danik Bhaskar 21-07-2016
3. Alternative Source of Diesel:Biofuel Rajasthan Patrika 22-07-2016
4. Employment to Farmers From Biofuel Programme Rajasthan Patrika 21-07-2016
5. Center of Excellence for Biofuel at Udaipur Danik Bhaskar 22-07-2016
6. Need of Effective Biofuel Policy 22-07-2016
7. News Deleted
8. MOU Signed for Setting up Biodiesel Complex in Raipur Chhattisgarh
9. Training of Agriculture Officers & Farmers Regarding Biofuel Dainik Navjyoti & Dainik Bhaskar 26-2-2016
10. Priority to Non conventional Energy Source Rajasthan Patrika 10-2-2016
11. News Regarding Bio-Diesel Dainik Bhaskar 8-2-2016
12. News Regarding Training in Pratapgarh Dainik Bhaskar 8-1-2016
13. Supply Of 100MT Bio-Diesel Daily By Central Govt in Delhi Dainik Bhaskar 25-12-2015
14. Future Energy Source News In India Today Dec 2015 India Today 16-12-2015
15. Permission of removal of juliflora from private land Dainik Navjyoti 30-10-2015
16. Blending of 5% biofuel in diesel by oil marketing companie Rajasthan Patrika  
17. GOR abolished provision of rajasthan forest(produce transit)
rules amending in favour of tribals
18. Training of district level officer regarding ratanjot plantation   28-10-2015
19. Success story of hasan rural biofuel model in maharashtra Dainik Bhaskar 16-10-2015
20. Use of by product (oil cake) of bio fuel    
21. Biofuel Direct Sale to Consumer Rajasthan Patrika 18-1-2015