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What is the role of Biofuel  Authority (BFA)  Rajasthan ?

BFA constituted under Rural Development & Panchayat Raj Dipartment, Govt. of Raj. promoting Biofuel Development Programme as such.  Besides finalizing various plans under Biofuel Development Programme, sensitization of farmers, investors and other stakeholders are the basic aims of the BFA. Private investors desirous of setting up biodiesel plants alongwith undertaking captive plantation are being provided with various informations under the programme.  BFA also coordinate with various Govt. departments /agencies for efficient execution of the biofuel development programme. 


What is Biofuel programme ?

Biofuel programme involves in promotion of non-edible oil seeds on fallow/barren land belonging to Govt. as well as to the farmers BPL- SHG and grampanchayat  for planting non-edible oil seeds like Jatropha/Karanj and also to put up large number of biodiesel processing plants in which seeds of Jatropha/Karanj would be milled to get non-edible oil which in turn will be converted into biodiesel as replacement to petrodiesel. 


What are the benefits of Biofuel programme ?

The barren/unused land presently lying unutilized will be used for plantations for augmenting present income of the BPL-SHG and grampanchayat and also in improving environments as such, as large quantities of CFC gases coming out as exhaust of vehicles/industries etc. will be absorbed and oxygen will be released in the atmosphere by the proposed plantation. 
Besides, large quantities of biodiesel will be produced which will replace petrodiesel (largely imported) helping National Economy to a large extent.  Also substantial rural employment would be created during the process of plantation work and also in the biodiesel processing plants.


What support State Govt. is   offering to farmers ?

Rajasthan Govt. is making available free / highly subsidized Jatropha saplings to the farmers for planting on their unused / barren land besides providing all the required technical guidance. 
Govt. has further declared support price for Jatropha seed (Rs.12.00 per kg) to safeguard interest of farmers who are going in for plantation of Jatropha on their fallow land. The Govt. land can be alloted to BPL-SHGS & Gram panchyat for plantation of jatropha through financial support under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA. 


What type of soils are required for planting Jatropha/Karanj ?

Any soil is suitable for planting Jatropha/Karanj.However Hard / Stony land is most Suitable for growing jatropha. Agriculture land should not be used for planting these non-edible oil seeds so that agriculture farming balance is maintained.  Further using barren/fallow land for planting Jatropha will result in augmenting income of the concerned farmers BPL-SHG and gram panchayat.


What is the crop cycle of Jatropha/ Karanj ?

Once planted Jatropha/Karanj plantation would continue for about 40 years. It start fruiting from 3rd year. On an average one Plant gives 3 to 4 kg fruits per year comes twice a year.


What State Govt. is offering to the private investors intending to undertake plantation and put up biodiesel plants ?

State Govt. is offering Govt. fallow land on very nominal lease for which suitable Govt. Notification No.F.9(1)RB-6/2007/39 dt. 04.08.07 has already been issued.  The land can be leased out to BPL-SHG and grampanchayat and any Company/ Registered Society provided they take up a composite project involving Jatropha/Karanj cultivation and also setting up of biodiesel plant of appropriate capacity.  The prospective investor is supposed to make a Detailed Project Report (DPR) and submit it to the Collector of the district where land is to be taken on lease. 


Whether BFA will help in arranging seeds for running biodiesel plants?

BFA is simply assisting farmers and investors in Jatropha/Karanj plantation and in setting up of biodiesel plant.  State Govt. is providing Govt. fallow land on lease simply to ensure that the investor desirous of putting up a biodiesel plant gets his 300 days in a year seed requirement from captive plantation to be raised on Govt. fallow land leased out to him. State govt has authorised RAJAS SANGH & RAJFED to procure jatropha seed on MSP. Processing plant owner can purchase the seeds from them.


Whether Govt. has got system to buyback biodiesel to be produced in the biodiesel plant of private investor ?

There is no buyback system for biodiesel produced by investors.Howerver GOI has decided Rs.41/- per liter as MSP for biodiesal. Public Sector petroleum campanies are purchasing biodiesel through tender process for their blending units.Investors can participate in the tender process.


How biodiesel producers can sell biodiesel ?

Any Biodiesel producer can sell biodiesel as per notification No. P-11013/1/2015 dated 10/8/15 of Ministry of Petroleum a Natural Gas ,GOI in which clause 3(b) says "For the limited purpose of direct sale of bio-diesel (B-100) for blending with high speed diesel as per BIS norms to bulk consumers in minimum quantity of 12000 lit."